1. How Allergies Impact a Child’s Dental Health (Part One)

    Sneezy, wheezy kid? It’s important to address allergies early on as a part of their dental health!   We all know and love the quintessential child with allergies — thick snot running down their face and a sneeze that travels at Usain Bolt speeds because they haven’t learned how to cover their…Read More

  2. Are Seasonal Allergies and Tooth Pain Connected?

    If you’re one of the 50 million Americans that suffer from seasonal allergies it causes more than just a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes — it may impact your dental health as well! The spring season is breathtaking — colorful daffodils and tulips are blooming and the trees are budding — th…Read More

  3. What is Your Bad Breath Telling You? (Part Three)

    There are many causes of bad breath that go beyond poor dental health and some directly relate to your health. This is the third part on bad breath — catch up on all the posts here and here. In part two, we learned that bad breath may be attributed to hormones, tonsil issues, and the medications y…Read More

  4. What is Your Bad Breath Telling You? (Part Two)

    Bad breath is one thing, but chronic bad breath may indicate much greater health risks at bay. In part one, we explored the causes of bad breath and the different smells associated with chronic bad breath. If you haven’t read it, go back and do yourself a favor — dive in here! At Dr. Mel A. Burc…Read More

  5. What Is Your Bad Breath Telling You? (Part One)

    If you suffer from chronic bad breath, your body may be signaling that something more sinister could be going on. We all have had it — stinky breath. It can be from consuming coffee, enjoying garlic on everything, or eating a certain kind of food. But, chronic bad breath is something different, it…Read More

  6. Why Your Teeth Hurt More in The Winter (Part Two)

    You don’t have to suffer from winter dental pain, find out how you can combat this seasonal toothache. If you missed part one, you’ll want to go back and read it here! In part one, we touched on why we get increased dental pain and sensitivity in the cold weather. Our teeth become more sensitive…Read More

  7. Why Your Teeth Hurt More in The Winter (Part one)

    Do you experience tooth sensitivity more so in the cold weather? There are a couple of explanations for this frosty phenomenon. Winter weather — it’s chilly yet beautiful and often prompts us to take better care of ourselves to support our immune system and remind us to ever moisturize, moisturi…Read More

  8. The Trouble With Acid (Part Two)

    Your teeth are susceptible to dental erosion, find out the most damaging food and beverages to your teeth! In part one of our series, we addressed what tooth enamel is, why it’s so important, and how your diet and dental habits affect it. In today’s post, we’ll examine more food and beverages …Read More

  9. The Trouble With Acid (Part One)

    The impact of acid on your teeth Beyond general teeth cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry there are a number of things that we can that benefit our dental health and spans brushing and flossing. From taking specific oral health probiotics to eating healthy foods, these are just …Read More

  10. Bring Holiday Cheer While Avoiding Cavities! (Part Two)

    Don’t spend the new year getting cavities filled and take a few couple steps to ensure a merry and dazzling smile! In part one, we provided a couple of simple, practical tips to keep your teeth cavity-free around the holidays such as sticking to your dental routine and drinking water — don’t m…Read More

  11. Bring Holiday Cheer While Avoiding Cavities! (Part One)

    Do you love the treats that are associated with the holidays, but worry about what all the sugar is doing to your teeth? The holidays are chock full of celebrations that are abundant in cakes, cookies, and booze — whether you are joining your work team to celebrate the ending of another year or ha…Read More

  12. When Do You Need to Get a Tooth Extracted?

    Tooth extractions are a last-ditch effort to maintain overall dental health, and when they can, dentists will do all they can to preserve the natural tooth. A full set of teeth is vital not only to our oral health but how we speak and digest food; needless to say, our teeth play a crucial part in ou…Read More